For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

If anyone knows of an Officer, Chief, or Enlisted Sailor that lost his life in the line of duty while serving with CRAW1 or one of it's squadrons (or with a HAT1 and the VAHs when operating the A3J/A-5 version of the Vigilante) that we've missed please let us know so we can add them (please include name, rank/rate, command, and date of loss, and include a picture if you have one).

We also need to get pictures of the following men:
AN Walter Edward Langley USN VAH-1
Ltjg Paul Iris Haney USN VAH-3
Lt. Robert McIntosh USN RVAH-12
Lt(jg) Richard D Lowrie USN RVAH-3
LtCdr Richard A. Bright USN RVAH-14
Cdr J.D. Barnes USN RVAH-13
Ltjg C.F. Wolfe USN RVAH-13
LtCdr R.P. Karr USN RVAH-11
LtCdr W.A. Pullinger USN RVAH-11
AME2 James E. Scharf USN RVAH-7
Lt Frank J. Carson USN RVAH-3
LtCdr Malcolm Wagner McKay USN RVAH-3

If you have a photo or know where we might find one online pleases let us know (I suspect many can be found in a cruisebook, but we need help in finding the correct one online or somebody that has the actual cruisebook on hand they can scan).

Also, if anyone has better pictures (higher resolution, more recent than those we used) please let us know so we can arrange to get an electronic copy from you.

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