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At 7:24pm on April 12, 2020, David A Placek said…

Did aimd with Dave Brace & Terry Ski ( to many letters) on Indy after Indy to RVAH-9 then RVAH-3. Was shipped over in 77 to TDA school. Spend almost 10 yrs at Miramar as a TD1 then back to AQ for 2 Yrs in VF-211 Kitty Hawk and Nimitz then retired just over 20. Moved to Las Vegas 7 yrs ago love it.

At 10:21am on February 9, 2020, Morton Culligan said…

Hey Ron Saylor,

     I am building a list of all locals that served in Heavy squadrons  in the area, can you help me?   

At 1:16pm on March 11, 2019, Michael J. Hampton said…

If I remember you right, you were an AT1 in RVAH-13 during the 75/76 cruise.  I came to the squadron right after quals just before the cruise.  I worked in the ASB shop with Walt Gumby, David Kirby, Jerry Meyers, Charles White and a few others.

At 12:34am on August 14, 2015, JIMMY LEE HOUGLAND AME-1 said…

Hey Ron, long time no SEA.

Hougland Ame1

At 11:50am on May 21, 2013, James M Parks said…


Just checking in.  Been too long.  Hope you are doing well, and are refusing to get older.  It's so seldom that I get around to this site it would be better to keep in touch by email.  Mine is alpenajim80@yahoo.com.

Best wishes for a long and happy life.  Word of advice - don't get into politics, it's too messy.

Jim Parks

At 8:23pm on April 27, 2010, gary gonterman said…
hi ron see you in june gary gonterman
At 10:32am on December 12, 2009, Ron Saylor said…

I have tried the photo attach on this site to send you the photo. If it does not get to you we will have to trade our email address to get it to you.
At 9:30am on December 12, 2009, John Ciffone said…
That's pretty interesting. I will look for that website, if you know the address send it. I checked your profile, did you do 20 years?
I went to the reunion last Summer and had a pretty good time of it. It was better than I thought it would be, and the site was excellent. The guys who worked on it did a very good job.
I saw Joe Brandl last Summer just after the reunion. His wife invited me to New Hampshire for his surprise 60th birthday party. I had a great time and it was a lot of fun. As I explained to him; the last time I saw him was 38 years ago, he looked bad then, and still does.
At 8:57am on December 12, 2009, John Ciffone said…
Reference the photo of the launch on cat 2. Is that plane 149307? Is so I think you painted my name on as the plane captain for that Ranger cruise. Where did you find the photo?
Have a good holiday.
At 5:23pm on October 25, 2009, Michael J. Hampton said…
Seems like I remember a guy called Ron Saylor - hmmmmm wonder if you are one in the same? LOL how ya doing budd - the Rookie here
At 6:43pm on August 16, 2009, James M Parks said…
That was one that somebody took of me on the Forrestal on the "Fire" cruise. That's why I wasn't smiling. How are you doing, Ron. We haven't spoken since the reunion in Sanford several years ago.
At 6:29pm on August 3, 2009, Charles Phillip Spencer (Spence) said…
I called Chief Fockler about a month before the reunion. I was trying tolocate billy Ray Thomas......i found out much to my dismay that he died about thirteen years ago in san Antonio, Tx. Did you ever teach at nattc memphis.


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