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At 8:11pm on March 27, 2011, James W. Staton Jr. said…

Hi Stick,  Do you know about the all squadrons reunion 23-26 June at Sanford Fl?


At 8:52pm on March 23, 2011, Wayne Scott (Scotty) said…
Hi Stick, thanks for the welcome aboard.  It is always good to hear from others that have served their country. I was with VAH 9 from 1959 to1962. I left the Saratoga & heavy 9 in Naples after the tail fold of the A3D I was a plan captain on folded on my right arm & left hand.
At 8:19pm on March 23, 2011, Phil Turner said…
Hi Stick, thanks for your welcome aboard.  My first tour with the Heavies was as a TD1 on the WST in Sanford with RVAH3.  My next tour was with RVAH 12 in Albany, Ga.  Then my next tour was with RVAH 9 in Key West.  My final tour was the Avionics Division Officer in AIMD Key West.  I retired in 1979.  It is nice to be back in contact with those with whom I served over so many years!
At 7:32pm on March 23, 2011, Kent Dotson said…

Thanks Stick,

  I was with H-7 from about April 78 till we decommissioned in Sept 79. Then I went to VP-45 In Jacksonville till Oct 81 when my four years were up. I was a PR-3 when I left H-7.


At 1:56pm on March 23, 2011, William Samuel Schriever said…

Thank you stick, I appreciate your welcome and look forward to the fellowship of other shipmates in the RVAH community.


I started out as an Aviation Storekeeper in Heavy 11 in 1972 and after a few months transferred to the Jet Mechanics shop  at which time we went on a Med Cruise aboard the U.S.S. J.F.K.. We were at our end of our tour and getting ready to come home only to be sent back to the Med because of the Israeli/Egyptian crisis in 1973. When we returned home, the Heavy's moved from Albany Ga. to Key West Florida. After a moving the base I was sent to ADJ school at Millington NAS and then transferred to shore duty at Heavy 3 in 1974 and immediately went to Plane Captain school at which time I got married and remained with Heavy 3 until I was honorably discharged in 1976.

I remember spending just as much time at sea on shore duty as I did when I was on sea duty, as a Plane Captain I went on several Carrier Qual's. I loved my time with the Heavy's and the men that served in them, Go Checkertails!

At 9:24am on March 23, 2011, Jay Tuckerman said…

Thanks for the offer of assistance.  I thinking of posting a few photos that I have.  I was with Heavy 7 from '76 to '79.  Left right before the final decomm.  Did 2 Westpacs, Kitty Hawk in '78 & Ranger in '79.  I left there as an AQ2 working in ASB.


One of the best organizations I have been associated with.  Great times on the flight deck during launch & recovery.  Awesome memories of friends and what can I say about the Vigi that hasn't already been said.  I always point it out whenever I see it on a documentary.


At 9:26am on March 8, 2011, James W. Staton Jr. said…

Hi Stick:

I came on board at Sanford in Jan 65 and was assigned to RVAH 7.  All I did was work in the mess hall and clean the barracks.  I did a lot of that for the first year or so.  I then got transferred to RVAH 1 for my first cruise on the Indy to SEA.  I did a lot of compartment cleaning.  Actually I was the head man on the 01 level.  After we completed that cruise I cross decked to the Kitty Hawk and RVAH 13.  Where I was promptly rented out to IMA fixing bomb racks.  As an AO there wasn't much work in the heavys.  I spent the next two cruises working in IMA.  It was fun.  As luck would have it, I was all set to go to shore duty an a 3rd class when I made 2nd class.  I extended and then I was told no shore duty so the day they commies grabed the USS Pueblo I got out.  What a career.  I finished my 20 in the Air Force doing the same thing I did in the Navy.  Building bombs and inspecting explosives.  So after 37 years of that I now fish and pplay golf. 

At 7:57am on March 7, 2011, David W. Bell AQ - B - 3 said…
Stick:   I was an AQ-B at Sanford Naval Base, 1965 thru 1968. I did not make the move to Albany Ga. ..
At 12:43pm on March 6, 2011, Alford Albertson said…

Hi Stick, I may be registered twice. I registered several years ago with a different email address and now can't remember my password to change my profile so I registered again with my current email address. So if you see me registered with a wildblue.net address please delete it.  I am now with unwiredbb.com.



At 9:15am on February 16, 2011, mark cochran said…
Stick, my name is mark cochran and I served in RVAH 3 from 75-79.  I signed up to be a member of this site but i do not see my name or profile listed in the members section.  What's up?
At 9:38am on February 11, 2011, Jerry W. Dickson AMS2 said…
Thanks, again.
At 8:36am on February 11, 2011, Jerry W. Dickson AMS2 said…

Thanks Stick. Trying to get in touch with an old shop supervisor, Joe Drake.  I saw his name on RVAHNAVY Master Roster.  I'm pretty sure he is Joseph C. Drake that is listed and we were definately in Heavy-3 during the time that is listed on the roster.  I was E-5 and he was E-6 when we moved from Albany to Key West.  I got out of the Navy in Sept. 74 and havn't been in contact since.  Do you have a way to contact him?


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