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Any Heavy Niners still around that did the '69 Westpac Ranger cruise, or Sara Med cruises in '70 or '71?    

I remember serving Billy Graham coffee while mess cooking down in Ranger's Chief's mess in '69.   

Also, we did an air show in the Med for President Nixon in '70.    We spent many weeks on shore in Rota, but can't remember the dates...

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Comment by Cliff M Johns on September 4, 2019 at 1:01pm

Yes, I remember. I flew the supersonic pass to open the air show for Nixon. Tried to blow him out of his seat!

Comment by Donald Stoffel on September 3, 2019 at 9:12am


I joined H-9 on the Saratoga in Mayport in mid June of 70 before that Med cruise of 70.  We returned to the US in mid Nov of 70 after being relieved by a third carrier that was deployed for some more of the mid east crap at that time.  President Nixon came on board on Sept 28 per the cruise book write up on his visit.  I met him twice at that time then one other time later in life.  I believe he was on board for two day for the visit and air show. We picked him right off of Naples.

H-9 set up the Mobile Maintenance facility in Rota from June of 1971 through the end of October 1971.  Most of the squadron was in Rota with a detachment on the Saratoga.

I was an AQB3 at the end the 70 Med cruise and worked in the ASB line shop after mess duties.  My second meeting with Nixon was on the enlisted mess deck.  The first was on the flight deck.  Someone tried to sale me a picture of me shaking hands with him on the flight deck, but the price was too high.  Wish I had that one now.

Hopefully that answers your questions.


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