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Mt filipino ex-wife, and how she hurt me. See photos of her r my photos.

OK, guys, catch your breath, this is my ex, Melodina.  We married on 6/06/2006 (D-Day),and she suddenly divorced me on January 11, 2013.  Turns out she changed after getting her citizenship in May, 2012, as she stopped sleeping with me, and no pootang!  I was so lost without her, and suffered much pain and heartbreak since she left.  She did text me several times that she was considering coming back, but those were on lies. Then just in early December, 2013 I learned she had been banging my neighbor since sometime in 2012.  They were in an adulterous relationship,and I never doubted her,but did have some suspicions.  But I have begun a process to get my sweet revenge. I contacted the Inspector General at his base since he is an E7 or E8 in the Army.  I sent an email to the IG wherein I stated I was  a retired PO1 in the USNR, and that I am familiar with the UCMJ Article 134, the General Article which addresses adultery and alienation of affection.  As you know, the military frowns on behavior of this type, and many admirals, generals, and other officers and enlisteds have paid a big price for their actions.  I demanded that a courts-martial investigation be begun,and the IG replied that he will initiate that.  I said that if he is court-martialed and found guilty that he be reduced in rank to E2 and dishonorably discharged.  Also, that my ex be fired from any job she has.  If you recall,when Gen. Petraeous was found out about his affair with his biography, he immediately resigned and retired to pritect his pension.  So if I can have this clown thrown out, it will be so great,and he will question if it was worth it to him to get his end wet with my wife?

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Comment by Dennis Thomas (RADAR) Rader on March 30, 2014 at 11:40pm

Thank you, John.  I was contacted by Army Capt. Alston Fuchs to get my information.  I related everything that had happened and told him the name of the former workmate of my ex who confirmed they were having the affiar while she was married to me.  I suggested some things for him to investigate to get more evidence but did not believe he would act on it.  He stated that upon conclusion of his investigation he would type his report and pass it on the the Deputy Commanding Officer.  A few weeks later I called him to suggest additional investigation info, but  got his voice mail and he did not return my call.   When I called again and was in touch with him he told me that he had completed his report and turned it into LtCnl Shawn McConnell, and he gave me the telno for the Cnl.  I have called him at least four times over several weeks and left a message, but he is yet to answer my calls.  The last time another Captain answered and promised to have someone call me to give me an update, but no calls have been sent to me.  I even attempted to call Capt. Fuchs again but only got his voice mail and, of course, no return call.  I am really frustrated by the Army over this, I feel they are just ignoring me.  I threatened to write the Secy of Defense and Secy of the Army, and did send an email to the CBS-News 60Minutes program suggesting they do a segment on how the Army treats sexual abuse and moreso how they treat cases such as mine.  Recently on the news it was reported how the General in the Army in charge of sexual abuse has, himself, been charged with sexual abuse and is being investigated.  Then last week it was reported how another Army general who was being court martialed for adultery changed his plea to guilty and received minor punishment.  This really pissed me off as I told the Inspector general when i first emailed my charges that I do not want to happen in my case what General Petraeous did when it became known about his affair with his biograper, he immediately resigned his position and retired, thus avoiding what justice should have been done.  Also, per the UCMJ adultery is not a case for non-judicial punishment, but requires a court martial per Article 134. What pisses me off the most is that the Army doesn't want to recognise that I am the victim here.  I think they are trying their best to save that bastard sargeant instead of seeing that justice is done.  I told them I want to testify if there is a court martial, but the Army will not verify where he is station in the Chicago area, but moreso they will not confirm if they have interviewed him or my ex as I believe they should have done initially.  When i first talked with Captain Fuchs, the investigator, I failed to give him the phone number of the woman who confirmed my charges so he could call her, and also  the names of the other three workmates who helped to hide the affair.  So this is the latest on the case and my next step is to write the two Secretaries to see if they will find what is going on and perhaps raise some hell.  Im also hopeful that 60 Minutes will come through also, since I believe the public should have an idea what goes on in cases such as this, especially since the military supposedly frowns on this behavior and the effects on the public's view, and the recent news stories did not help the military when it comes to the public awareness and questions.  My hope is that the sargeant, my neighbor, who was originally a Marine knew or should have known the rules, so he should pay the costs, I knew the rules!!!!

Comment by John A. Brant on January 11, 2014 at 5:18pm

One additional piece of info for you.  I retired from the army as a Major and have commanded several units.  His commander can immediately give him a Article 15 which is nothing compared to a court martial.  The commander could bust him one grade and/or fine him 7 days pay.  That would be the end of it.  He cannot be tried twice. Upon conviction of a General Court he is then classified as a felon.

Comment by Dennis Thomas (RADAR) Rader on January 11, 2014 at 3:20pm
Thank you, John, for your comment. When I first sent my email to the Army Inspector General at the guy's base and explained what had happened, I then demanded a courts-martial investigation be conducted under the General Article, Article 134. I further added that if a courts-martial is warranted and the guy is found guilty that he be reduced in grade from E7 orE8 to E2 and given a dishonorable discharge immediately. The IG has taken this seriously and replied to my email, and has begun an investigation.
Comment by John A. Brant on January 10, 2014 at 8:06pm

A general Court Martial requires a Art 32 investigation, so if you are not contacted for a statement, you will know nothing is being done.

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