For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Dec. 7 2018 the U.S. Court of Appeals will be hearing a case that stems around the V.A.'s decision to cover

"Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans".

In 1991 Congress passed the coverage to those Vietnam Veterans "Presumption of Exposure" to Agent Orange.

The V.A. changed the wording 

"You must show proof of actually being in/on land in the Republic of Vietnam."

The case has made it all the way to the highest court and many (90,000) ((approximately)) are believed to be alive

that are expressly interested in the outcome.

Many of the affected/exposed have passed on and were DENIED

coverage and compensation. The families have been left without health coverage and compensation that Congress

expressly covered in the ORIGINAL LAW.

We have several advocates fighting for re-in statement of the law HR299 that is presently at Senator Isakson (chairman)

Veteran Affairs and we are awaiting two Senators approval and a vote can be taken for approval. By the way the Bill HR299 has already been passed through the House of Representative 399-00 so you can see we have plenty of support.

Senator Mike Lee from Utah & Senator Enzi from Wyoming both have some kind of objection and WE NEED YOUR HELP.

I urge EVERYONE to call those Senators ENZI 202-224-3424 Lee 202-224-5444.

You probably won't be able to speak to either one of them BUT

a message expressing your wishes (respectfully) to have this bill brought to the FLOOR NOW

for all senators to have the opportunity to cover those Vietnam Veterans, us "Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans" that

are suffering, denied and dying from the DEADLY AGENT ORANGE we were exposed to by the U.S. Government.

Thank You for you attention and calls will be appreciated by thousand's of those exposed. 

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Comment by peter c derose on December 1, 2018 at 3:16pm

Will do asap Don ! We lost so many Vietnam Vets over the years with little or no help from the VA , SHAME ON THEM ! This is just a real sad situation for the family's & vets suffering now & as before with the no help/slow help Congress !!!!!!!!!! 


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