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Thoroughly enjoyed the October issue and the first hand accounts of Howie and Art's adventure.  One minor correction to Art's account as to that being the first time that an A-5 lost the aft can.  In reviewing my log book I find that on 19 July 1970, flying 156617 off of the USS Saratoga with RVAH-9, I dropped the number two can on the starboard cat with a resultant fire onboard.  Fortunately, my aircraft did not ignite.  Dumped fuel and recovered onboard after .3 flight time.  The event was subsequently written up in a Grandpa Pettibone column in which he could not fathom how one could drop the number two can from a three can train.  Of course, we all remember that the cans were numbered with the middle can as number 1, the aft can as number 2, and the forward can as number 3.  And as I recall, in the PECM configuration, the PECM can was the forward can with the remaining two fuel cans numbered as 1 and 2. 

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Comment by Arthur DiPadova on October 2, 2019 at 11:11am
Saw Rich Odegaard's blog - I knew there was at least one instance of the whole 3-can train coming out but never knew there was another instance of the last can coming off. Glad Rich didn't have the fire and was able to come around and land- I guess the connection between the two cans wasn't damaged. Howie and i only got a .1 on that flight - and no landings.
Comment by Bill Shea on October 1, 2019 at 9:57am

Thanks Richard!! Will include your comments in next months Newsletter! Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting!!


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