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Nice article on Roy Crane's Buz Sawyer comic strip in the August    But did you know he "flew" the RA-5C in combat over North Vietnam.  This series of strips was published in 1966.  Here's a powerpoint presentation of selected strips.

Buz Sawyer flies the RA-5C

Rod Anderson

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Comment by Brad Jones on September 20, 2018 at 8:34pm

Enjoyed seeing this! I reported to VAH-11 in NAS Sanford, Florida in March 1966 and we soon transitioned to RVAH-11. Later that year we heard that Roy Crane was on the base gathering info for a new Buzz Sawyer comic strip. Through the summer of 1966 we would see Crane around the base doing sketches, taking photos, and asking questions. Toward the end of 1966 and into early 1967 the Buzz Sawyer strip showed him reporting to RVAH-3 for training before transferring to a sea-going squadron. I distinctly remember his strip often showing the large, RVAH-3 wooden hangar that I had seen him photographing and sketching earlier in mid-1966. At that point, we (RVAH-11) were on and off FORRESTAL for Carquals, etc. before heading to Vietnam. So, we never got to see much more of the Buzz Sawyer strip after that. As such, the dates shown on these strips indicate they were published in the April 1967 timeframe, not in 1966. In the 1990s I tried to locate the entire series and eventually located Roy Crane's widow in Florida. She said everything like that was boxed up in the garage and would be included in the new Cartoon Museum. So far as I know, that idea fell through. It would be nice if we could obtain the entire series for RVAHNAVY's archives.

Comment by Bill Shea on August 10, 2018 at 7:32am

This strip is scary in that it "predicts" an incident that took place in March of 1971. LCDR Gastrock and Lt. Conrad flying off the Kitty Hawk with RVAH 6 - The crew was flying a mission to cover the Song Ca River in NVN and on their first pass over the area there was a loud "WHUMP" and the crew was thrown against the seat straps. Not sure what had happened, they returned to the Kitty Hawk and made an uneventful recovery. Later on, the crew was called to IOIC to view an incredible photo taken by the Vigi's vertical camera. Perfectly framed was a SA2 missile still under boost! It was assumed that the SAM passed under the plane just as LCDR Gastrock banked the plane to head back to the ship. There were no missile warnings and no indication at all that a SAM was anywhere near the plane. They figured out that the missile passed just 104 feet away from the belly of the plane.

No one knows why the SAM didn't detonate but it's theorized that the missile had not reached it's arming time when shot past the jinking aircraft...

That'll make you stop and say, "HOLY CRAP!"

Image result for SAM Near Miss RA5C

Comment by peter c derose on August 9, 2018 at 4:36pm

Neat , I was still active back then [ till October anyway ]

Comment by Steven R. Ewing on August 7, 2018 at 11:57am


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