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Exciting T-shirts of RA-5Cs

Go to my page, search Rader in 'Shipmates' and then click on 'Discussion', There I have posted photos of the 6 T-shirts I had custom made by CafePress.com.  You can use their design aid to help you create whatever you wish, and usually they have a bonus code for up to 40% off.  In addition to the photos of the T-shirts I will have posted the images I used to create them.  Take a look, I'm sure you will be impressed, especially for T-shirt6 which has really special meaning, and for what the…


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Screwed by the Army

The Army sent me a letter saying that there is no credible evidence for the adultery charges I filed.  The stupid Army captain who was the investigator didn't do his job, I think.  I gave him the name of the woman who confirmed everything to me, and who stated that she knew of three other people who knew it was going on  and even covered for my ex.  I think he care more about protecting a GD soldier than doing the right thing under the law.WTF?  In their letter from the IG it state I can…


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Attention on deck, All Hands;

Be advised that I discovered a site, www.togetherweserved.com where you can register and post all of your Navy experience, medals, ribbons, photos, etc.  This is a free site to register with ten days of free services, and for total benefit enrollment it costs approximately $24 a year.  I highly recommend that you check it out as I did and post your information.  You will be sent emails with names of fellow…


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Mt filipino ex-wife, and how she hurt me. See photos of her r my photos.

OK, guys, catch your breath, this is my ex, Melodina.  We married on 6/06/2006 (D-Day),and she suddenly divorced me on January 11, 2013.  Turns out she changed after getting her citizenship in May, 2012, as she stopped sleeping with me, and no pootang!  I was so lost without her, and suffered much pain and heartbreak since she left.  She did text me several times that she was considering coming back, but those were on lies. Then just in early December, 2013 I learned she had been banging my…


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