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I got a bad impression of the F-111, but we were there when it was first introduced and there were a lot bugs that had to be ironed out as with any new high tech machine.  They finally realized that …

I got a bad impression of the F-111, but we were there when it was first introduced and there were a lot bugs that had to be ironed out as with any new high tech machine.  They finally realized that it wouldn't work on Aircraft Carriers so the Navy never got any of them.  Continue

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Thanks to all

I wish to thank all of the members that have sent e-mails in response to my request for information about the Self Destruct system on the RA-5c. It has been overwhelming ! In two days I have received over seventy e-mails ! From a wide variety of individuals, that very willingly and openly shared their knowledge and experience of this great aircraft, and have offered future assistance if needed. Your show of interest and support in our project now gives all of our restoration team an added…


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Kenneth E. Zornow Brief Bio

Kenneth E. Zornow 12/09/2010

AQC/ATC - U.S.N. Retired - March/1992

RVAH-3 - 07/1971 Through 10/1974

RVAH-13 - 10/1974 Through 06/1976 (De-Commissioning)

RVAH-12 - 07/1976 Through 12/1978



22 Tanner Road

Brighton, Tn.…


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PT/IS Reunions

Attention all old PT/IS's. Contact me here or at heinrich@avci.net.

The older PT's are getting together in Jax. Fl. next year.


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Our (Heavy) Community

I'm very pleased to see our (heavy) community growing! We are a unique group in Naval Aviation in the number of squadrons and stations that once comprised the reconnaissance heavy attack community and our aircraft. Our Vigilantes are gone, but not forgotten! Our history goes farther back than the Vigilante. We must also remember the days before we "took pictures". The days of the Whale and the Savage. We have a long and glorious history to be proud of!

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Pat Coleman

I received a very nice thank-you card from the Colemans for our gift to The American Cancer Society in memory of Pat.

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Another Goucher joins Uncle Sam's Canoe Club

Well, my son Chris saw the recruiter the other day. Takes the ASVAB on Tuesday, physical later on in the month. Do you know it could be a year before he goes to boot camp.

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What July Fourth Means to Me - Ronald Reagan

Editor's note: When he was president, Ronald Reagan wrote the following piece for Independence Day in 1981. Aide Michael Deaver later wrote: "This 4th of July message is the President's own words and written initially in his own hand."

For one who was born and grew up in the small towns of the Midwest, there is a special kind of nostalgia about the Fourth of July.

I remember it as a day almost as long-anticipated as Christmas. This was helped along by the appearance… Continue

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Mr Wickey's original blog.

I originally moved this to the Politics Forum. I do not want to limit free speach so I put it back with apologies to Mike Coleman.

So, this is where I get to post some of the information I come accross that affects us all. The Terrorists in Washington are holding a gun to our head, while bankrupting this once proud and noble country. Where the death of Michael Jackson can for almost a week take every bit of air time discussing his 'life', but can't give 10 seconds… Continue

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