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The SARA is Sierra Hotel (Shit Hot)

From above, the USS SARATOGA CV-60 throws off a lot of heat visible through a thermal imager, specifically the AN/AAS-21 infrared (IR) mapping radar camera.

Especially visible are the four steam catapults followed by the engine exhaust stack in the island on the starboard (right) side.

Believe the glow near the fantail (back end) is one of those small, nearly flat, tow tractors that pulled the planes around. The flight elevators just seem to disappear as they are close to the temperature of the water.

The photograph was by one of our reconnaissance planes, the RA-5C Vigilante, from RVAH-11, the "Checkertails."

Med Cruise, 1974 -1975
Photo by RVAH-11.
From the collection of PH-3 Robin Hartford, OZ Division.

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