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The first Integrated Operational Intelligence Center (IOIC) was aboard the USS SARATOGA CV-60.

The IOIC was based on the RA-5C Vigilante aircraft, specifically, its ASB-12 Inertial Navigation System (INS), which printed in a small data-matrix block in the corner of each photo frame and, at regular intervals, on the continuous looking side-looking radar (SLR) and infra-red (IR) imagery.

The film was processed in Kodak Versamat EH-38 machines. The finished film was then placed on a viewing machine which read the data-matrix block and correlated it to geographic locations while providing stereo images and side by side comparison with other cameras.

It was like Google Earth, only in black and white.

Later, IOICs were renamed CVICs. CVIC stood for Carrier Vessel Intelligence Center.

I received this battered patch from a former Intelligence Specialist (IS) and it features all the rates that worked in an IOIC/CVIC.

1. Yeoman (YN)
2. Operations Specialist (OS)
3. Data Systems Technician (DS)
4. Photographic Intelligenceman (PT)
5. Data Processing Technician (DP)
6. Photographers Mate (PH)
7. Illustrator-Draftsman (DM)

NOTE: The Photographic Intelligenceman (PT) rate changed to Intelligence Specialists (IS) in 1975.

Also, the PH rating no longer exists either. They are now known as Mass Communication Specialist (MC).

The Mass Communication Specialist rating came about from a merging in 2006 of four previous Navy ratings:

- Photographers Mate (PH)
- Journalist (JO)
- Illustrator/Draftsman (DM)
- Lithographer (LI)

The patch is prior to 1973.
From the collection of PH-3 Robin Hartford, CVIC-Photo, OZ Division.

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Comment by Joe Brouthers on December 1, 2011 at 8:42am

The block was done by the AYA-1  and was printed on all the camera film, SLR (APD-7), IR (AAS-21) film, and PECM (ALQ-61) Pasive Electronics Counter Measures on one inch tape.  All these wher loaded by personnel of AASC and processed by personnel of IOIC.

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