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I just noticed that the IFGA has grown wings again. I am assuming that the emblem was the current when the rating was discontinued. I still remember when my dad made Chief in the late 50's and had already picked up his crow in hope of being promoted. Since he couldnt afford the new ones he had to remove the wings from the ones he had bought. The one I wore home in 68 still had no wings. Lately I hear that the entire rate has been done away with. Anybody with actual knowledge of what happened and when?

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When I joined the Navy in 1963 and was assigned to the photo lab and was a PHAN the first insig I had did have wings but then almost at the same time the wings were removed and instead of being call an aircraft photographer we were all just photographers mates., even after some of us where air crewman we still wore no wings. We did where wings on our chest and proud of them.
Photomate Randolph Hodges
They combined photographers, lithographers, and jornilist into what it now called "Mass Media Specialist" I belive in the late 90s
Did not know that, I retired in 1984, Thanks for the update
I believe I had read that on the NANP web site but couldn't remember the date it originated. I had been wanting to get to another of their roundups but can't this year. A good number of photomates served in RVAH over the years. I have run into a few that I served with at one or more of the roundups.

About four years ago the Navy combined Photographers Mate, Journalist, Lithographer and Draftsman into one rate Mass Communications Specialist (MC). File:Rating Badge MC.jpgIt was sad to see the rate go away. I was a PH for 30 years. The conversion happened shortly after the PH schools in Pensacola came under the control of Defense Information Command (DINFOS). The PH schools were closed and all MC (PH) training is now conducted at Ft. Meade in Maryland.  MC's are assigned to two commands (one Lant & one Pac) akin to combat camera. They are sent TAD to commands that need photographers etc. This includes carriers and shore commands.



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