For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Had the privilege and pleasure of working with Larry on my first WestPac cruise with RVAH-6 on the USS Ranger. Previous to the deployment, I had been in in training at AIMD in Sanford.

Larry taught me more in the short time that I worked with him then I ever learned at AIMD. Don't remember the exact date, but I recall Larry's enlistment running out after only one or two months after deployment. When he left, I had the feeling like a new parent with a sick baby after the grandparents have gone back home.

Larry, thanks to your help I learned what I needed to function effectively for RVAH-6 in the middle of nowhere, and it served me well on the remainder of the Ranger cruise and the subsequent Enterprise cruise.

Hope to be able to thank you in person at a future reunion.

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Richard, a pleasure hearing from you and thanks for the kind words. I have some vivid memories of that cruise but they are mostly focused on how anxious I was to be headed home and whether that Pueblo thing was going to keep me for "duriation and six" as we used to say. Since you were there for the entire cruise I have always wondered what you guys ran into when you started to recon N. Korea. I have heard some really wild stories but not a word ever made it to the newspapers.
I too hope to get to a future reunion and get a chance to get together. The wife and I were planning to make the last one in Pensacola since our daughter lives near there but couldn't work it out.
The Ranger took off leaving all of the other surface vessels behind. We took up station several miles from Wonson Harbor where it was freezing cold. We did fly several recon missions, and the cold was really hard on the guys who worked the flight deck. Total time out at sea as best I can recall was 63 days.

Enterprise cruise was an absolute nightmare ... first the fire ... losing our XO and navigator on one the first day's flights after we finally arrived on statation ... then the North Koreans shooting down the recon plane that was flying in international airspace which took us up to the South China Sea again in what had to be record time. There's a lot to tell about that latter situation but I believe it is still classified (probably for the best).

Worked as a Certified Quality Enginner and Certified Quality Auditor for the world's largest gas valve manufacturer for 34 years. It was a good job, and after a year of retirement, I decided I still had more to do although in a different endeavor so I am now working as a FT Local Veterans Employment Representative for the State helping vets and others who are unemployed find a good job or give them the guidance to get the point where they are employable. Also work with regional employers on developing job listings and conduct job fairs to bring employers and the unemployed together. Can honestly say that its the best job I have ever had.

My wife of 36 years and I had hoped to go to this year's reunion, but the overload of regional plant closings or cutbacks combined with individuals receiving extentions on their previous claims really put a load on the system to the point where everyone was needed to handle the crowds of people.
Richard, did you catch the photos I posted at RVAH.COM? One was the group from Heavy 7 and the other from Heavy6.
Took a look at those pictures. Really enjoyed looking at them.

Glad to have a website where everyone can post their photos. So much of it seems like just yesterday, but we're talking about 45 years .. time flies.



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