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The Virginia Beach Pilot obituary page showed the Captain death on April 10, 2015 in Virginia Beach. 

I served under Cmdr. Joe Hood as XO on the 1971 Med Cruise and related NAS Rota Spain deployment group.  He was the CO on the 1972-1973 Med Cruise and related NAS Rota Spain deployment group.


Would someone please assist me to confirm that the Cmdr. is the same man as the deceased Captain?


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He was living in Virginia Beach so that must be our Joe Hood. He was born on 7 - 24 - 34. He was Admin Officer when I was in the squadron.


Mr. Stephens:

Thank you for your response.  The birthdate agrees to his obituary. His obituary is still on line if anyone cares to read it.  He obtained a law degree after retiring from the Navy and had practiced general law there in Virginia Beach.




Hello Hoot Owls,

I checked the Master Roster and Joesph Hood is listed as Captain USN Retired and living in Virginia Beach. I've reached out to his former Law Firm to see if they'll confirm his passing, probably won't see a response before Monday.


If this does turn out to be confirmed that Captain Hood has passed away would anyone have a Forrestal or Saratoga Cruisebook from the cruises he was squadron XO and CO that they can scan his picture from and send to us so we can use it on the Memorial Page and in the newsletter when we honor his passing.

The Saratoga cruise book can be found online at http://navysite.de/cruisebooks

Pick out the 71 Med cruise for the nicer picture of the Captain. 

We have not found the Forrestal one on line.  I have hard copy the then Cmdr. Hood was listed as the former CO because of a mid cruise change of command.


I am interested in the Master Roster.  A group of us have been have looking for other squadron mates who helped set up the Mobile Maintenance Facility in Rota Spain in 1971 and we returned there in 1972-1973.  Our memories are a little shaky after 40 plus years.  A lot of people went by nicknames, middle names etc. that have made our search difficult.  The cruise books often only used the first name initial.  It can makes it very difficult.


Obituaries seldom if ever list any unit information. 



I brought up the cruisebook and it lists "Cdr. J. Hodd" as XO... is this the same man? Sucks that they spelled the XO's name wrong if it is...

This picture is Cmdr. Hood.  Someone just spelled it incorrectly.

The Forrestal 72-73 cruise book was very poorly done.  It left out entirely a whole lot of people including both officers and enlisted men.  At first, we thought they just had the people on the ship and not the group that was at NAS Rota.


I did find myself in the IM3 shop with my name spelled incorrectly.  I was on the ship for carrier quals and readiness drills because we were spoke do a WESPAC cruise,  There was a fire on the ship and we were delayed and went back to the Med.  There are just a lot of faces missing.


I confirmed with his old Law Firm that he did pass away recently.

The other problem with the picture in the online cruisebook is it has a "watermark" that overlaps his picture. Does anyone have their old Sara Cruisbook from that cruise that they can scan a better copy of that picture from?

I am currently still over in Palma, but the have the cruise book at home.  I will be back home later this week.

My scanner is suppose to be fixed to day.  I will try and get you the picture at the end of the week.  I will attach it to The RVAHNavy email account.

The cruise book picture is fairly small, but I have noticed a better one.  At least you will have a picture.


I had one of my friends go to my house and scan  a picture of Captain Hood's photo when he was with RVAH-9.  She said the quality is not real great because of the old black and white picture print.  It will be the best we can do unless there is a color photo out there somewhere.

She sent it to the rvahroster@gmail.com email address from my email address Donald.stoffel@yahoo.com.

Let me know if this works.  I will be delayed in getting back to California.  We need to go up to Paris on business for a couple of days after we finish our time here in Palma.

I got it.

Here's the Memorial page post:

Captain Joseph W. Hood, Jr USN Retired Former CO RVAH-9



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