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Anyone know if there is a Heavy-7 reunion scheduled any time soon?

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You just missed it!!!!  Last weekend in June, every year (we hope).  NAS and all assigned units!

Love the area you live in. I worked at the Sub base in Kingsland the last 9-1/3 years of my 21-1/2 year is Civil Service for the Navy. My wife and I enjoyed many visits to the Golden Isles">

See FRA Magazine and my previous post!  June22 2017 - June 25, 2017 at FRA Branch 147 Post Home on State road 46 (West !st Street) in Sanford.

Shouldn't be a problem for you since you live about 3 hours away!  I'm familiar with your area in Ga. having worked at the Sub Base in Kingsland for 9-1/2 years!  Jacksonville is easily bypassed now since Route 9A has been changed to 295 East.

June 2018 NAS Sanford Reunion at Fleet Reserve Branch 147 home on Rte 46.  This ia the final scheduled reunion (59th) and welcomes ALL squadron and base personnel!  A bit early to finalize any plans, but hope for a good turn-out!

See previous posts?


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