For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Castle Air Museum, located in Atwater, CA. next to the former Castle Air Force Base will be transporting RA-5C 156615 from a desert weapons range to the museum for restoration to display status in mid- December. This aircraft served aboard the USS Ranger in 1979 just prior to the Navy retiring the Vigilante. Would any former RVAH-7 personnel be interested in assisting the museum in supporting this final Vigilante rescue. Pictures of the bird can be viewed on the museum's website at, www.castleairmuseum.org and click on the Future Projects button. You can also contact the museum at (209)723-2178 M-F 8:30 AM - 5PM, Pacific Time. I am looking forward to hearing from anyone interested.


Joe Pruzzo



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I would love to help, but not moving to Calli. There's so much to do to that plane...sad to  see it in such bad shape. I have the NATOPS for reference should you need.



Do you know of any former people from the RA-5 community that may want to contribute monetarily to assist with the restoration of 156615? Timken Aerspace has donated the wheel bearings ( a $7,500 value!) Tires have been donated as well as the transportation. We will need to raise some funding for repairs,restoration, paint and display site prep. Please let me know as the museum could use the assistance from the RVAH Community with this project. Thank you so much.


Joe Pruzzo

Watched the video!  Very interesting!!!  We also, old NAS Sanford sailors, have our very own static display!  Currently working on a PV-2 Venture.

Obviously, I'm too old and the work has been done; BUT, if a copy of your video is still available, I'd love to pay for one, if this helps in any way!

I was an AK in the very first Vigilante squadron, VAH-7 in Sanford.  I still live here!



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