For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

What happened to all the R-6ers not listed with us ? Surely there's more around to join our happy group! More than  [49] !?  PETE

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There are a bunch on Reccenet but not associated with H-6 ( like you were).

Most of them are getting old Pete, not like us tech savy youngsters!


YEP , Clem , Nobody knows A-3's fuel quantity like we did !! Or checking ramps &gaps [intakes] like us !! On the Vigi's

Don , I was in VAH-8 , first with one  cruise + , before VAH-6 /RVAH-6 ! They were both great , & a real learning experience !!!

Really hot fire on the Enterprise fire in 1969 I was in H-6 66-70 Bob Szyska Went back to Michigan when I got out retired from Chrysler Corporation in 2007!!!!!Every day is Sunday now. Living the good life. Really had some good times in 6 lots of great memories My hats off to all our Skippers and officers!!!! we were so young and they treated us like sons. Most are gone now, at least the ones I knew. Bless all you guys who served.


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