For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I don't know to much about this stuff, but every time I go to the RVAH 6 site I never see a discussion, is that because we have nothing to say or am I just so confused? Are discussions for all the squadrons or just for the one that you click on?


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Thanks for the reply's it seams to work. One reply was about that we may have all been in 6 together at different times and while that is true I have found through out my years that the further away you get from something the closer you get together. Look at your high school reunion, the people that come up to talk to me now did not even know I was around in high school, now they are my BFF, who knew.
Well I am proud of my service in the Navy, more now than at the time.
As I am lucky enough to travel around the states I learn how important my part was in protecting the country, sorry no soapbox. At any rate my travels around just show me. Today this Florida boy is on the shores of Lake Superior, how lucky is that.

 VAH-6 was my first squadron in the Navy and went on a Med cruise with the A-3. That was the cruise where they asked who wanted to go to Sanford and the RA-5C and who wanted to go back to Whidbey Island with the A-3. I chose to go to Sanford. That was in 63. Not much there when we got there. Still remember those old barracks though.UGH

HI Tony , I and several others went back to Whidbey to drop the A-3's off ! That was in 65 , glad you were able to check out the surf & turf area's first !!!

Put a note on the main page. But will list one on the Heavy 6 page. Feb 74 till Aug 77 did all my time in Corrosion Control. While back at Key West after the 75 Kitty Hawk cruise worked the mid shift with Mike Dungey. Would like to find that good ole friend. Hope to hear from some of the 6 ers out there. I have a picture of the Airframes shop on the Med cruise of 74 will have to get the cruise book out to remember all of them. But Molosovic, Rodgers, Dungey are off the top of my head. How can you keep names in the back of your head that long. Thanks for putting up with my babel

Mike Dungey and I have been communicating and he is writing books these days under a different name. I have his email address if you want to write him.

Hey Steve. Yes I would like to get in touch with Mike. Here is my e-mail. heavysix1@hotmail.com pretty original huh. I have had it for pretty long time. Hope to here from ya soon. I has been a hell of a week here after the tornado hit Moore OK I live about 70 miles south.  But we had some bad weather too.


  Hey Tim, this is Kirk Rogers & I also was on the Forrestal in 74 & the Kitty Hawk in 75. I was a Plane Captain in Albany Ga & Key West Fla. Drop me a line sometime. My e-mail is rogks3025@flintcatv.net Kirk

Hey I forgot to post but I and several other Heavy 6 guys went up to Norfolk this past December for the in-activation of the Enterprise, as part of the Fire cruise veterans we were treaty with great respect. It was good to see some of the old crew from 6 and in some cases really get to know our shipmates.

I am now on my trip in the RV to Alaska I did visit with Don Bailey down in Georgia an will be seeing Virgil Reese up in Oklahoma next week.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Memorial Day and, like you, I will remember some of our fallen shipmates.


Hi Proto l recently joined this site and remembered your name. Looking in our H6 Enterprise cruise book helped also. I recall your being a plane captain, I was an amh in airframe shop. Hoping to hear from other ship mates in future. Several years back I met a guy that was in VA 145 in Knoxville TN. and saw Bryon McClure years ago down in Orlando FL. Other than the fire and other mishaps on that cruise I enjoyed everything else. Looking forward to any future contact. Living in beautiful Lake Norman NC area where alot of Nascar shops are located and drivers live.


Well I have been off the net for awhile. But saw a couple of responses. So I had better get back on. Hope all goes well for everyone this weekend since its over. I did all the normal yard work and clean up of the place.

Hey "Boog" Proto here, sorry for the delay on getting back to you but I was off the grid, boondocking in Alaska for a few days and just got back to Fairbanks were there is connections.

It is good to here from you. I am on an RV trip to Alaska at the moment and won't be back in the lower 48 until September. How are you and what have you been up to.

If you want we can carry this over to a not so public email system.

I should be with connections at least for the weekend and then we head to Denali for a week or so and I don't know what to expect for internet etc. there.

E-talk to you soon.




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