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I don't know to much about this stuff, but every time I go to the RVAH 6 site I never see a discussion, is that because we have nothing to say or am I just so confused? Are discussions for all the squadrons or just for the one that you click on?


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It may be that everyone served in Heavy six at different times and don't really know anyone. BTW, were you in Heavy Six when we deployed onboard the Enterprise in 69?
I was on the big E during that time, lets see I was working I think with personnal, with Burkholder. after that I went to the line shack and was a plane captain. As I recall we got to go into Hawii for a month or so.
I was an AZ2 in heavy six on the enterprise cruise. Worked the night shift on station. Kept the books on the airframes, engines, ejection seats, etc. Was the one who made the big deal for the first 2000 hour vig. Have pix if anyone is interested. Great to find this site. Check in w/me if you remember anyone in the maintenance office. Later, h.
I was in Heavy 6 on the Nimitz cruise in 76-77.

The Squadron stuff is mostly just for people in that Squadron and the Forum is for everybody. I responce to your question on being in heavy 6 for the 69 cruise I was and know the people you posted in that picture. I was a RAT and worked mostly the AAS 21 IR bench I in the back row
Joe, the 2nd class in the first row left side looks familiar but I can't put a name on him. Seems like a young photomate I served with. Played a mean guitar if I am recalling correctly.
Front row. UNK, AT2 Bishop, AT2 Randy Thompson, FJ Vratney, Ed Malles Back row AT1 Stan Mott, Me,AT2 Virgil Reece, AT1 Jim Lee, UNK

As you can see I can identify all but two
Not sure if it is correct but the name Henderson keeps bouncing off the inside of my skull???
The two guys on the right in front row are F. Vratney and Ed Malles
ADJ2/QA Gary Rosato here, aka Rosie, was in H-6 72-73, Wes-pac cruise, Uss America, took the long way around to get there as ship was a east coaster... Just learned about this site and slowly finding my way around.
AQ/2 Dave Clearwater. I was on the America's West Pac in 72. I still carry my shellback card in my wallet. I worked IMA module repair up in the tunnel. This is a great site but I'm still looking for the guys in my shop.Those were some of the hardest nights I've ever had........in Subic at the "Old West".
RecceNet is new to everyone and we're all just getting used to it. Hopefully people will begin to post and it'll just take off.


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