For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I started out as plane captain on a/c 704, made the Connie cruise in '66. During the cruise I was transferred to Power Plants as an ADJ-2, made ADJ-1 on the Ranger cruise 67/68, and was the P/P supervisor for the remainder of the Ranger Cruise and the Enterprise cruise '69. Doug Howard, Al Svincov, Ed Stoveken, Jim Pfabe, Dennis Lundberg (P/P CPO), Ted Costello, etc., were crewmembers with me in P/P. Great memories with a great bunch of guys, especially Archie Freeman, ATC, ol' fiddling buddy. Archie and I "entertained" the squadron on the focsle of the Connie at the request of C.R. Smith, C.O., for the squadron's birthday. Remember me and wanna correspond? tchutch@clearwire.net / 361-299-6811. Hutch

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I was an AQB and was on the Ranger and Big E. Ran into Al Svincov and the reunion in 2009.  Is there a reunion coming up as I would love to attend.

Just had a Big E reunion in CT and besides me, AQB2, I ran into Alex Svincov from RVAH-6. Only 2 from a Viggie squadron.


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