For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I started out as plane captain on a/c 704, made the Connie cruise in '66. During the cruise I was transferred to Power Plants as an ADJ-2, made ADJ-1 on the Ranger cruise 67/68, and was the P/P supervisor for the remainder of the Ranger Cruise and the Enterprise cruise '69. Doug Howard, Al Svincov, Ed Stoveken, Jim Pfabe, Dennis Lundberg (P/P CPO), Ted Costello, etc., were crewmembers with me in P/P. Great memories with a great bunch of guys, especially Archie Freeman, ATC, ol' fiddling buddy. Archie and I "entertained" the squadron on the focsle of the Connie at the request of C.R. Smith, C.O., for the squadron's birthday. Remember me and wanna correspond? tchutch@clearwire.net / 361-299-6811. Hutch

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I was on the Ranger ,and Enterprise cruise,but I didn't make the Connie cruise.I remember all those guys.P/P and AME shops were in the same compartment.I was with Neydon ,Andrus,Stroman,Goia,Hammer,and CPO Jim Phillips.I was AME-2.
I was on the Connie and Ranger cruises. I worked out of the Photo shop and remember some of the fine fiddling the Archie did although until you brought it up I would have been hard put to recall his name. I used to have a picture of me and Smith when he handed me my 2nd class crow but like other things (including my wallet and glasses) I can't seem to find it. Of all the things I've lost I think I miss my mind most of all. Nice to hear from you.

Picts of Arch at my house in Ga
I joined the squardron in 68 and went to work in personnel and stayed there for most of the "E" trip, before going to the line.
ADJ 3 Proto.
Was working with Burkholder in personnel.

My name is Steve Hyatt, joined 6 late in 68, just in time for the E cruise. I was an AZ2, worked nights on the cruise. Your name sounds familiar but old age has taken the memories.
I am pretty sure that I remember you but a picture would help.
I was in the AE shop on that cruise.
Warren Clement (CLEM)
I was on that cruise, also in the ae shop, Tony. I remember some git-fiddling going on, but fuzzy on the players. sez ae-pete
Hi Hutch,
I remember you from the Connie cruise in 66.
Warren Clement (Clem) from the AE Shop( AE2)
I was discharged in Sanford in June 67
.Worked in the airlines for several years as a A&P mechanic

Living in Canada now, fixin fire trucks..
Hey Hutch, loks like you live near me (McAllen). Was in 14th class of boot camp at Orlando (1970). Then to "A" school in Jacksonville. After "A" school in 70, to NAS Albany (to Heavy 6). Caught up with the squad on the Kittyhawk mid-cruise. Phil Couch AE2

I was on that cruise with you Phil.  Our at/ae shop was 140 degrees is all I can remember.

I was on the Nimitz cruise to the Med. Worked in AIMD on the ASB-12 radar/navigation system. Some of my shipmates were Vinny, Jim Rheame, McNabb. I'ts been 35 years probably have the spelling wrong and can't remember all the names.


I was in personnel during the connie and ranger cruises.


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