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USS RANGER 64-65 CRUISE-- ANY RVAH-5 Crew Members THAT filed Agent Orange claim Columbia South Carolina R.O.

You filed a claim with the VA and your claim went before the "Board of Appeals"

Citation# 1113381

Docket# 09-34-888

Archive Date 04/15/2011

Claim was remanded back to Columbia South Carolina (RO) via the

Appeals Management Center (AMC).

Action required: Develop evidence pertinent to claim for service connection.

"Boots on the Ground"  Proof you went ashore.

According to documents supplied by claimant you were assigned to the Line Crew, Plane Captain and flew off ship to assist in repairs to a Vigilante that required repairs.

This is the only information available from records obtained.

No assistance is available from the VA (of course). VA won't even searched the claimants records and inform the claimant that I also was assigned to help in repairing one of our planes.

It may be too late for the claimant as he has numerous health issues.

Any help locating this individual would be appreciated by both of us.

don_ddms@yahoo.com  or 1-309-968-7225.

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I worked flight deck on the Enterprise cruise of 71-72.  I also flew to Da Nang for a bingo plane (601 which later went down) to recover mission data.  That was not the only exposure we had to agent orange, Whenever we washed the planes there was a river of herbicide running off the fan tail.  I would be glad to write you a "Buddy Statement" if you want. In order to get documentation you would have to access the squadron records.  I requested them 4 years ago. After  about a year, I received a notice that it may be 2020 before all that type of records was digitized, and just a few weeks ago, I received another notice stating the records were not available. 

This flight OFF SHIP was while aboard the USS Ranger CVA-61.

Charles Knight are you out there? I believe you live  in Florida and you claim is with the Dept of Fla. Veterans Affairs. The above citation I believe is you. We need to talk. 1-309-968-7225 or 103980840-0789 or e-mail @ don_ddms@yahoo.com

I am looking for shipmates also from this OFF SHIP duty and I believe I was on the same duty as you.

Buddy statement is available for both of us if we went together and I seem to remember your name.??

I was in H5 61-66. West-pac cruise 64-65. Before that a Med cruise's with the A3's. I was a PR but always worked the mess decks until I made 3rd. I shipped over on the Star Program which got me "A"school ( Lakehurst, NJ) and third class. I was transfered to shore duty in 67, NAS Quonset Point, RI, discharged in Dec. 68. I have been diagnosed with NHL and type two diabetes. I believe it is a result of Agent Orange Exposure. I was exposed on DaNag Air base and Tan Son Nhut airbase while repairing squadron aircraft that vectored to thoes airbases. I worked with Roy Karriker PR1, Chief Glen Waddell, PR2 Bill Kelehar. I am looking for any documentation that squadron aircraft were bingoed to the above airbases for repair during the 64-65 West-pac cruise. Attached please find photo of squadron personnel including myself on the lower right photo, first row.

Any help would be appreciated. 

my direct e-mail: info@homedatabiz.com

Also worked the Aviation Physiology trainning Unit NAS Quonset Point R.I. as the "dilbert dunker" diver. This unit was commanded by LT Paul Toops. 




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