For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Lt. N.J,. Mergo's family is trying to find anyone that flew with him on the 1964-1965 on the                  Wes-Pak cruise aboard the USS Ranger Squadron RVAH-5

the family (son) Nick contacted me and is looking for help in filing (for his Mother) a claim for

Agent Orange diseases.

Lt. Nick Mergo flew on several missions in the second seat and helped search for missing pilots from our squadron.

Any knowledge, assistance, information, remembering the incident they would great appreciate the help.

I will provide anyone that has information the contact info. so you can provide the family directly.

By the way, It took me (9) years off fighting the V.A. but I finally won my claim and awaiting final

compensation rating, should have shortly, Board of Veterans Appeals heard my case, Granted my claim

so don't give up. 2020 kicks in new reinstatement of  Agent Orange Act.

Please help a Fallen Veteran that suffered from exposure of Agent Orange.

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