For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I was reading that there are some pockets of MS among veterans.

I was stationed at NAS Sanford, RVAH-3 & RVAH-14 from late 67 till we moved to Albany.

I started having symptoms of MS in late 67 and got markedly worse in early 68, just as RVAH-14 was formed. I started bowling at a nearby alley where I started falling down. I was having issues with a leg, hearing and especially vision. Sick bay was a joke, nothing done, since I did not BREAK anything.

Anywho ... took me decades of being ignored, (& worse) sent to shrinks etc before testing done and Dx with "long standing MS". Sad to say that is not uncommon with MS.

Other pocket/s involve immunizations in prep for overseas deployments in the late 60s. 

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