For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I was with RVAH-13 from Jun1966 thru Jul 1970.  I checked in as an AQ1 went thru SATE training.  Because of the way I went about going to the schools, I was assigned and had to fight for, men from the squadron that no one else wanted.  I had to get them trained in school and on the bench at AIMD. An outstanding group of guys.  If I'm not mistaken we were the last SQ to deploy from Sanford for the Kitty Hawk Nov66/Jun67 WestPac.  Does anyone remember the Newspaper prediction story about the Hawk sinking wih all hand ?xmas eve or new years eve that cruise? Came back to Agony (Albany) and the SQ was almost destroyed when RVAH-11 came back from the Forrestal fire.  Took all our A/C, a lot of Officers and men and whet on (OUR) Nov67/Jun68 Kitty Hawk WestPac.  Took some time, finally got new A/C, Officers and men.  America around the world Mar68/Dec68 WestPac. After that WestPac I was assigned to QA.  On the Forrestal Dec69/Jul70 Med cruise - I went TAD to Rota Spain for quite awhile.  Was also aboard whenthe Skipper flew the only recovery of a Vig with a broken 756 frame.  We offloaded the Vig in Naples for return to conus for investigation.  Hell-of-a hanger queen.  We came close to posting guards on her to keep busy little fingers out, because it became very difficult to get any parts.  They were all being to WestPac.  I was transferred to NAMTRAGRU Albany for Instructor duty.  While thwer my two twaching parners and I put together a training manual for the ASB-12 sys - which I understand was a great help in maintaining the sys.     

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I'm trying to remember you. I was in VAH-13 for the 63-64 West-Pac then moved to Florida where we became RVAH-13. I was then on the 65-66 West-Pac and Started the 66-67 West-Pac. My shore duty orders were way over due so CDR Putnam put me on the beach get in the PI and I was shipped home on Christmas 1966. BTW, the officer of the beach get in the PI was LTjG Charles Plum who was shot down after 73 missions and spent the next 6 years as a POW. 

I also went to SATE school when I first got to Sanford but the ASB chill made sure I also went to ASB-12 school so that I just didn't work on SATE. That sucked because I would work all day fixing ASB-12 stuff then if SATE went down the other guys would go on break until I fixed the SATE. Senior Chief Dove was the ASB Chief I think at the time. 

I'm going to the VAH-13 reunion at Coco Beach FL this October and plan to attend the next RVAH get together when eve that is. I hope to see you there.  Lawrence "Ski" Grumboski AQB2-P2


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