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Lt Pendergast was my division officer when they were shot down.  I ran into him on the USS Ranger on a 1976 Westpac.  I was in VF-154 at the time and was checking on some maintenance issues on an F4 on the hanger deck.  Someone (really) slapped me on the back.  I turned around to smack someone and he's standing there grinning at me.  He had just came down from the flight deck in an A-4.  Quite a sight - an E7 and an O5 hugging each other!!   We talked for awhile and as he left , I patted him on the heard.  He turned and grinned.  Last time I saw him.  One heck of a person!!!!

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I my memory is correct, it’s been 53 or 54 years ago, he was not the regular BN for Commander Putnam. It was just the luck of the draw. His coming back that day was a celebration. 


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