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I see there is a RVAH-12 reunion planned for September. Looks like it's focused on squadron mates from the 1970's.

Anyone from an earlier time frame (e.g., 1967-1969 for me) planning on attending?

Rod Anderson

PS. Check out https://sites.google.com/site/50yearsagointheflightlog/main-1 for my take on RVAH-12 1967 combat cruise.

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Rod, I was in the squadron for the 1967 cruise. Your name sounds familiar. Who did you fly with? I was an AME and was on deck for the pre flight of 124 . Hyatt was very well liked by most of the enlisted guys  and his lose was a shock to us. At the time we did not know he was captured. Thanks for making the web site about the cruise i have been looking at it. I have many pictures and some notes about the flights of that time. I was the AME on the flight deck most of the cruise. I dont think I will be able to get to the reunion. I went to the one in Key West a few years ago.   John Provenzano

Hi John:

Your name is familiar as well. We're you in the AME group that shared the line shack with the plane captains? I was line div officer and spent some time there.

I'm not planning on attending either unless a few shipmates from our time identify themselves as planning to attend.



 I dont remember being with the plane capts.  I remember when we lost the 2nd plane and crew, I think that was Dion & Hom. We were told they were flying off the coast with no escort and did not send out a mayday. All that was found was a slick and pieces of helmet. Check out my video on this site. 124 is in it. My camera was on its way out when i took it. I have a lot of stills from that cruise.  It always feels good to make any kind of connection with someone from the squadron. take care, John

Yeah, I may be confusing the maintenance shop setup with that on the Forrestal.

Maybe I'm not doing it right, but I can't get your video to load. I can get to the page, but nothing where the video should be (I think).

The Dion/Hom loss has always been a mystery to me. My thoughts: https://sites.google.com/site/50yearsagointheflightlog/main-1/summe...

Do you have any other videos or photos on the web? Would like to link to them if you're OK with it!


My video is not on my page its on the main page, click on Videos at top. there are a lot of them ,mine is on page 2. Or I think this link will get you there.  http://rvahnavy.ning.com/video/john-provanzano-connie-1967  .  We always wondered as the guys who maintained the ejection seats if there was something wrong with them with their plane. It made us even more aware of the importance of our job.  I saw your take on it, I always wondered if the story about the found helmet was true. I dont have any thing on the web but can send you some of my photos if you send me your email address. they might also be on the squadrons web site since I sent many years ago. 


Hi John watching your video sure brought back memories. Hard to believe its been 50 years I was filling oxygen converters on the flight deck as an AME from Heavy 12. I talked to Lee Harvey this summer about the good time in Sanford. I'm here in Eustis FL.

Steve Rutigliano


Hey Steve. good to hear from you. I saw Lee a few years ago he stopped by to visit me and I saw him at the reunion years ago in Key West. Memories are fading of my navy days. I have a lot of pictures. Here is on of you and Lee in Japan. Take care. 

Hello Rod,

Hope you are well. I also missed word on the September reunion for RVAH-12 though I had time conflicts and also had password issues with this site. Hope to keep more in touch.

Me? Retired from USNR 20 years, and from federal civil service; but finished a Marine Corps Marathon Oct 22, and also released 2 books on Amazon.com in the last 2 years.

Tom Whitaker, RVAH 12 1968-1971



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