For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I`m interested in contacting anyone from The A/F Shop, Jet Mech`s and Electrical Shop who made the West Pac on the USS America in 1970.


Ed Centrella

John Lubresky

Walter Faber

RD Ostrem

ADJ 1 HC Bryan

AE 3 J G Kelly

or any shipmates

Ed Moore (Moe)

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I was in 12 from June '67 thru carrier quals on the America and I worked in Power Plants.  Then when they left on the West Pac cruise they left me behind since I only had 3 months till discharge and didn't want to fly me back. I knew  Harry Bryan and Ed Centrella but don't have contact info for either of them. If you find how to reach them please let me know.


 You may not remember me but I was in the AQB shop and believe I have a picture of you somewhere that I took wile we were soaking up some suds and sun on "dungaree beach" in Subic. I'll have to make an effort to see if the photo has survived the two floods at our house.

AQ3 Doug Moore


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