For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I was stationed with RVAH-12 when it was still located at NAS Albany, GA prior to its move to NAS Boca Chica in Key West. I moved with the squadron to Key West and Stayed with them until 1975 when I got transferred out to the USS Constellation ships company.

Are there any Photo-Mates from Heavy 12 still around or any squadron members that still live in the Key West area. Our skipper at the time was CDR Pirate Pirot. He went on and from what I understand has passed away not too long ago.  He was a great skipper and when he did a ship's company inspection as a Rear Admiral he remembered me from all his previous shipmates. To me, that was amazing as he was probably the best skipper I ever had.

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I wasn't a photo mate but I was at recon, on board ship we were in the same shop. I joined rvah 12 in 1973 while heavy 12 was on the Constillation, they did not send me to the boat I stayed TAD in Albany recon ima shop until the squadron came home. I was on the Enterprise, Forrestal, and Independance. I left the Navy in 1977 (still in heavy 12). 


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