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  • I went to VAH-7 after "A" school. in May 1960.  I policed the grounds, etc. until I landed a job painting squadron plaques.  I made AQB3 in Nov '60 and was transferred to the shop and working on the A3B (at the time).  When Heavy 7 started getting the A5A in late 1960 and early 1961, 98% (?give or take) of us were transferred to other squadron's. My buddy (AQBAN) went to Heavy 11 and I asked (I was rated) for Heavy 11 also.  I went on  three Med cruises on the USS Roosevelt (CVA-42) with Heavy 11. While in Heavy 11. in Aug 1961, an AQ1, an AT1 and I went to Bethpage, Long Island for a "C" school on the MSQ-44 Bomb Scoring Unit.  It was set up across the runway at Sanford.  In Oct 1961 we went to NAS Jacksonville to train on calculating bomb drops with the TD's.  Their unit was OLD.  Anyway we went back to Sanford and had a great time.  Our squadrons didn't have to wait for days to get on range and practice.  It was a win-win situation until the TD's in JAX took it away a few months later.   After that, "B" school, RVAH-13 (AND THAT's A WHOLE NOTHER STOTY), Instructor duty at Albany on the AN/ASB-12 weapon system, VX-4 (Oxnard, CA), VF-154 WestPac, Ships Co. Forrestal and Retirement.  Long story (not so), short.

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