For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

This goes out to "Artie" Fricchione AKA (Frenchy) and all the Boys from the 70-71 WestPac cruise have your ears been burning Paul Sanborn & Terry Loehring have been talking and your name came up. Do you have plans to go to the up comming reunion, if not Paul and I have gotten together for two years in Florida in February. We are trying to get Terry to join us as well as you and any of the other guys we went to war with.

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Hi James

Nice to hear from you.After all these years of working on high performance aircraft thats all my ears do (RING).I worked for 22 years on the F-14 flight development program.How are you doing?I was in touch with Richard(Dick) Slater a while back.Amazing how we finally hear from each other after all these years.Have you heard from any of the crew?I think you and I are the only ones who have joined the RVAH community.I am living on Long Island NY,married to the same person I was back in 70.I have two grown daughters .One living in Ohio and one in Virginia.How about you.Looking foward to hearing from you.

ADJ2 Artie (Frenchy) Fricchione


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