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Med cruise in 69-70 on Saratoga and West package on Ranger with RVAH-1

Looking for old shipmates....here are a few of them...... Tom "Tennessee" Glass, William Schofield, Charles Campbell, Dennis Gothe, Sal Falzone.....contact me at rodhildreth@yahoo.com....

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Hate spellcheck....should be WesPac....

I got COD onboard about October 69 from Athens, I was still in school with RVAH-3 when you guys shipped out and didn't catch up with the squadron till then. I was working in the airframes shop while onboard and was only a AMH3 at the time. The only names that sounds familiar is Bill Schofield  & Sal Falzone. After we got back home I went to the line division and worked as a AMH2  P/C for the Westpac cruise on the Ranger. Take care & be good guys.

                                                                     Jim Montalbano

Yep....I remember u...looked u up in the cruise book...hope ur doing well....

I was with the squadron on both cruises.  Was an ADJ3 during the Med cruise and ADJ2 during the WesPac.  I have many fond memories of both cruises and lots of fine friends.

Dick Slater,

ADCS, Retired

I did the wespac on the ranger,I was good friends with Tom Glass and Charles Campbell

John Silvio AQ3


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