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Has any one ever heard from some of the guys in the AD shop during this time? lost contact with Turner, and Pedraza, a few years ago, I used to have some of them out to our place on Sylvester Rd on Sunday for BBQ's Tempe , Bevins, Duncan, Nelson, Wynn, Jeez, can't remember, CRS getting me, but we had some great times on and off base between cruises. If any one knows the wherebouts of would appreciate hearing from them

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Hey Danny,
I don't know if you'll remember me but when you were in QA I was in P/P. You made an impression on me for being very knowledgeable on everything Vigilante related, especially the J79.

The A5 and S3 were my favorite aircraft while I was in and spinning wrenches. I ran into Joe Carter at North Island several years after leaving the Heavies and he was doing really well.

I've settled in Ridgecrest CA after pulling the plug on the Navy in 88 and again as a defense contractor in 2001. Life is good! Hope all is well with you and yours.

Dick Slater - was an ADJ-3 in 69
Ricard, Don't remember but will go back in time and put two n two together, I left 1 on the med cruise oct of 69, remember talking to the skipper on the way in to Rohdes Greece, tried to get me to stay but I was pi**** off cause I was short when we deployed and I wanted to transfer to the Rag squadron, had passed for E6 but had to go Med anyway thats life, somedays I wish I had pushed my feelings over the side and stayed in, been retired for a lot of years f I had
I hear ya...it's all water under the bridge now. When I was here at China Lake in the early 80s (80 to 83) there was a female A7 pilot by the name of Rosemary Conatser, a Lt. I think, stationed at VX-5. Any relation? I heard she later went on to be the skipper of a special projects squadron at Point Mugu.
Hey Danny, where you talking about Johnny Wynn from the line division?
Richard, I think one and the same, John was in PP but went to line for a spell if same guy I think he left 1 when we came back from westpac in 68 not sure tho. Going to have to find my cruise books,

Danny I was in A/F when you were there. Worked the cats as a checkershirt when deployed. We have been in contact before.

I was an ADJ-2 in the Power Plant shop in RVAH-1 from February 1963 until June 1966.  I attended "A" School in Millington, Tennessee before being ordered to VAH-1.  Two other men came with me to VAH-1 from "A" School, namely, Richard B. Weston and Marcus McHenry.  We worked for Chief Clark in the Power Plant shop before he was promoted to Senior Chief.  He was succeeded by Chief Coghgins.  I made the Med Cruise in 1963-63 and the WestPac Cruise in 1965.  I was honorably discharged in June 1966, and thereafter went to college on the GI Bill.

I have a pending claim for compensation from the VA for Agent Orange exposure while on the beach at Da Nang, Viet Nam, in August 1965.  One of our Vigilantes was hit by hosite fire and lost hydrolic power and had to divert to Da Nang.  I was sent with a crew to preserve the aircraft for shipment via a barge back to the US.  Does anyone remember this incident?

Hi Danny, Bob and Carol Tempe live in Covington, TN.  He was teaching "B" school there in Millington, then retired. I haven't heard from him for about a year now.  He was doing a lot of fishing the last I heard from him.

Wow..........time has surely gone by fast.........even these posts are old! I remember you Danny and Bob Tempe, Johnny Wynn, Ed Pedraza  and others. Was even in touch with Lt Commander Norrington 2009/2010 (PPO) . I would enjoy hearing from any of my P/P shipmates again....................Ed Trubenbach



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