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What's it mean?

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The USS Carl Vinson's (CVN-70) motto is "Vis Per Mare" (Strength from the Sea)

So I think we can assume "Vis Per" can be translated as "strength from"

The Latin dictionaries I found on line define "dictum" as "formal statement, pronouncement; saying, maxim"

So maybe it means "Because we said so"?

Because we said so is a pretty good translation.  I couldn't find any translation exactly either but when I was putting together my brag jacket a few years ago I was reacquiring all the patches I needed.  When I got this one that was when I wondered what it really meant. I was told it meant strength through effort or something to that effect. 

I like "Because we said so".

Where did I hear "Hammer the bastards down" in reference to the Wing motto?



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