For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

I arrived in Sanford, Dec 1960. Attached to VAH7 "Go-Devils".  maintenance personnel were in the Med with VAH-5, I believe.  Everyone else were new to the squadron; therefore, not much flying was done. Perfect for those of us who usually don't get to work on aircraft to "Hone our skills?"

When we really did start flying, we were very busy!  One of my jobs as AK was to complete a "SIR" inventory!  This was done immediately upon shut down on the flight line!. Temps in the "hell hole", the very aft area, approached well over 125 degrees!  Sure way to cure a hangover!!

Beginning in 196q1, we began gearing up for the transition to the A3J-1 Vigilante, later A5A. Made 2 Med cruises. First was a "dog & pony" show to showcase the USS Enterprise. Upon return the enlisted rejoined the Enterprise to enjoy the 'Missiles of October" exercise.

Second deployment lasted the full 9 months. All AK's except 1 were sent TAD to ships company. That gave us the opportunity to participate in Shore Patrol duties. Not too bad considering we were "home ported" in Cannes, France!  My 1st patrol was on the beach!!!!

Heavy 7 had a band of sorts led by an AO2 Hutcherson. They played at the "Sharks Den" if anyone remembers.

Of course, I was with the A5A's back then; BUT, I had my start at Sanford in A3D"s!!

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Was an AK in Heavy 7 from 65-67 along with Jerry Pigg and our fearless leader Earnie Gowans.  Got out in 67 - like many - wish I had made it a career.


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