For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Yes, I remember you, Mr. Miller. I had the flat and Pettit got the girl, until I

  • I went home on leave and she was from my home state and wanted to go home. So, as a gentleman sailor, we travelled from Sanford to Seattle together in an MG Midget, WHAT A TRIP, very memorable.   I had intended on staying in the Navy, but our Chiefs were a little different and I couldn't get out fast enough. The chiefs that have been mentioned by name here were great, but I didn't work for them. Enough said. 
  • Now Dell was in IOIC because he was a skinny little guy.  They were trapped in there for most of the cruise ,because they had to go through a pass box where we put the film cassette.  We set them in the doored black box and the opened the door again and the cassette disappeared.  That's how Bill Dell stayed so skinny.  Every once in a while someone would let him out and you would see him come out onto the flightdeck all squinty eyed to see how the real sailors lived.  Then he would go back into the box and disappear for another forever.  Don't misunderstand my humor, Bill Dell was a good guy, very likable...wonder if he still has a squint problem.
  • Every once in a while one of our Chiefs would venture up to the flight deck, step on to the deck and declare, "OK, now I can collect my combat pay."  And leave as fast as he came.  We got so many billets of combat pay to go to the flightdeck photographers. His announcement was to the guys who's pay he was taking.  It made for great morale.  

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