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Okay............enough snow already.   Monday and Tuesday Kenosha received over 2 feet!!!!

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Missed us in Michigan... we got barely an inch - Seems like everyone else, mainly the East Coast, is getting all of our snow this year... Woo Hoo!

Next time I will send you some across the lake.

Sorry to hear that Diane , down here in FLA. we are battling 80 degree stuff ! [is too high too early ] We left NH because my snowblower was wore out after 8 yrs . Plus I was tired of looking in the second floor windows on the snow banks in front of the house ! So it will go away someday , just  hang in there !

I cannot handle the hot weather all year round.   Besides my boyfriend is a farmer so here we stay and he plows and I watch others plow me out.

Poor you, see I can not stand the hot weather.

Yes the hot weather can be tuff to take after a while but snow & the ice stuff is ruff on everything ! I've lived all over the US & have been to most of the states [ Some of the places I really like are way over my budget ] & the cities are forget about it for me [ especially now with the ISIS wantabees ] !!!!!!!!!!!!

70s here in Texas....so far...like a couple years ago...around midnight snow moved in around midnight about the same Texas IS NOT set up for snow..especially anything over 2 inches..As a matter of fact today has been kinda balmy ..Whats really a killer is you go into work @ 8 AM...and at 4:30 there is 3-4 inches of snow...might as well be 2 ft...cause people don't have a clue how to drive in it...

I live about 50 miles South of Bill Shea here in Michigan and we got about 4" so not too bad since I did not have to go out at all.  Did have a bunch of wind a few days ago that took out our neighbor's large pine tree and nearly 1 million others lost electrical power.  We were OK did not have to fire up the generator to run the fridge, furnace and sump pump.  I'm still about 50/50 with winter, but it would not be too hard to lean a little more toward summer.

Gee  ,Stick I can remember one of the first winters in Texas we had from zero to ten above for a week ! [ Dallas area ] Another time my brother called from Mass. after hunting in just a long sleeve shirt wondering why we had snow / sleet on Cowboy stadium on Thanksgiving day ??????

Thing about Texas is IF there is a lot of snow they don't really have the equipment to deal with it.Fortunately any time that happens it usually doesn't last more than 24 hrs.Downside is SOME people down here don't have a clue as to what to do when it does get snowy or icy.Saw on TV one time "Sand trucks are standing by"24 hrs later they were "Still standing by"IIRC Texas doesn't use salt either but sand...I lived in Michigan at one time...I've supervisors tell us "Hey guys if it's really bad don't worry about it " but then in less than 24 hrs State and County road crews are usually spreading salt followed by plow trucks....might miss 1 day of work but at least the roads are driveable.I knew some guys who would drive their snowmobiles to work.Of course FREEWAYS were cleared by state crews..same with county and local and sometimes they all worked together



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