For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

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It just shows to go that there are businesses out there that appreciate their customers AND have some common sense! And kudos to those shoppers who didn't scam the good will by going back and grabbing a cartload of steaks!!

Cool story...

Is a good story , that goes to show all businesses aren't out to rip off their  steady customers !!!!

Reading the whole story, it is obvious that a bitter cold, winter storm is on the way ("the shelves were empty"), the place was packed with buggies full of food, an unknown quantity of it probably perishable, there would be an unknown number of man-hours ahead to replace all of the food to the shelves that could be safely returned, plus, the perishables would have to go into the dumpster because it wouldn't be safe to "assume" which were still safe to sell. So, a call was made to "corporate" who had the common sense to say, "Give it to them for free, call the media dummies and brag about how good we are, and send all employees home." Simply a good dollars and cents business decision due to circumstances that would easily cost the company much less in the end, they'd have a tax write-off that would probably far exceed their "giveaway," and, as a bonus, they would be praised by the brain-dead media who, as usual, doesn't understand reality. The beat goes on!

Gee just made an azz outta myself....

Seriuosly I would have NO ISSUES sharing....


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