For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Hey, a lot of us have loved ones who operate motor vehicles. I just wanted to share this information so you can tell them to NOT attempt this......................

Bird Box Challenge

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I have in my life NEVER DONE ANYTHING close to that....even when I was drunk.

WTH is wrong with people today.

If these people were THAT bored...

Sounds like they should of joined the military...there's all kinds of stuff they can do to get a rush.

What is the matter with people?? Is there NO COMMON SENSE ANYMORE!!!

Evidently not Bill...


WOW I just looked it up...

These people evidently have no brains...which is why they have NO COMMON SENSE

YEP , Brainwashed & brain dead is all I can say !!!!!!!



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