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So I got a new computer and I want to put the Vigi on as my wallpaper like I have on my old one. Forgot how I did that so I need somebody who knows something

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Select the pic of the Vigi...go to my settings select as display....Ray or one of the others may chime in....also

select the pic.....right click on pic.....select ..."set as wallpaper"

actually it is listed as "desktop background". Is this what you are looking for? Wallpaper only comes up after you computer times out and is sitting idle.

Do you have the picture you want, if so follow Stick's and Dave's Lead. If you don't have the picture let me know.

Dave... what you're referring to is the Screensaver - it comes up after the computer is idle for a period of time... The wallpaper is the image that shows up when the computer is active and not in "idle" mode.

It's what you see on the screen when it first boots up - it's the picture on the screen with all of your desktop icons on it...


To set your wallpaper, (In Windows 7), select the picture you want to use and open it with whatever your computer uses to open pictures (MS Office Picture Manager, etc). Once it's open, right click on your mouse and from the dialog box, select "Set as Desktop Background"

This will set the wallpaper for you... the process is very similar for the Win XP etc...

You can also use this process to set any pictures that you find on the internet... find the picture on the web, right click on it and choose "Set as Desktop Background" - Way cool and lets you select pretty much anything you want for background...

Does this help???



oh, thought I said desktop background.

Thanks for the info. My new computer looks a whole lot better with a Vigi on it now.



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