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The number #1 way to beat OBAMACARE is to Vote REPUBLICAN.

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But watch out for the RINOs

Are you kidding me, you really want to go back to no real health care. Oh sure people can go to the ER and then who do think pays that freight? Well I would rather have people take some of the burden than be a total burden.

I know I know the business industry thinks it sticks but why, let's see the upper management has health care and oh yeah the legislators that are against it have health care but it is not right for just the ordinary lowly Joe to be able to get health care. Look you and I are going to subsidize this one way or the other either through the ACA or through the ER. I want people to at least put some skin in the game.

The Law is not the total answer yet, but if those "so called" leaders who are working so hard and spending all that money to repel it, would work just as hard to make it better we might have something. 


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