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I assume (?) everyone knows that the A/C shown at the bottom of page eight in the December Newsletter was the very LAST Viggie to ever trap on a carrier. 

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Was completely unaware of that fact!  Nice job out at Castle restoring her...too bad Memphis is doing such a lousy job with 156608.  First of the Dash 10's.

It's been a while since Jeff posted this, but 156608 in Memphis is finally in the midst of a restoration and when complete will be on display on the north side of Navy Road at the former NAS Memphis (now called Millington-Memphis Airport).

This  A/C (BuNo 156615) is on display at Castle (AFB) Air Museum in central CA.  It was placed some time between Sep 15, 2010 and Sep 24, 2014. My Wife and I go to NAS Lemoore every year to a retirement seminar.   There is another (BuNo Unk) at the entrance to Sanford International Airport.

BuNo 156632 was dedicated at the entrance to Sanford/Orlando International Airport (formerly NAS Sanford) on 30 May 2003. The event was very well run and attended!


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