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RVAH-6 on the Ranger 1968 (not 1964 as described in the youtube description)

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GEE , What a great video ! AH the good old days ! Fresh air / sunshine , open chow hall , watching the AQ'S busting their hump ! Cat shots ,wire catching landings all day , some times nite ops ! What a life , ask a Army , Air Force , Marine , Coast Guard , guy if they had a adrenal rush like that ? Of coarse they would say they had there own thing going ! But we were the best !

RVAH 5 was on the Ranger in 1964 to 1965, RVAH 9 in 1965 to Aug 27th 1966

H-6 was aboard for the 67-68 cruise. I was in H-6 for the beginning of that cruise. I left in Jan. 68 to return home for discharge. Flew off on the COD for Subic from the Straits of Quemoy. The folks in that video were my Squadron mates apparently filmed that May after they returned to Yankee Station from Sea of Japan unless the narrative is even more incorrect than just the year.

Has to be 68'..VAH 6  Flew A3B tankers till after the 64'Med Cruise w/USS FORRESTAL..I shipped out of VAH 6 in 64' while they were still in the MED.VAH 6 came back from the cruise and switched to VIggies after that

Love flight ops in the Med!!! In 1968, while you were having fun aboard ship, I was having fun in "Nam with PBR's and SEALS!



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