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We were on board the Midway this past weekend.  One of the retired F-4 pilots commented that is what not an uncommon event to land on the carrier with only one engine for the F-4.  He was responding to a question after his presentation.

I saw an E-2 Hawkeye land on the Sara on the 70 Med cruise with one engine.  That was very impressive even though a much different type of aircraft.

Does anyone know if a Vigi made a deck landing with one engine only that was not crash landed into the barricade?

My retired F-14 fighter friend thinks there was on in the late 60s off of Vietnam.  He isn't sure of this though.

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I would expect, barring extreme circumstances(NATOPS says: No single engine shipboard lands except in an emergency), that any aircraft with an engine out would normally be redirected to the nearest bingo field. I'm not sure a Vigi could make it back in the air if they boltered on a single engine.


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