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Can anyone tell me when they phased out the RA5's? A friend asked and I didn't know since I retired 48 years ago. Thanks....Norm Royce

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Here you go Norm!

Gradual disestablishment of the "Vigilante" force occurred during 1979-1980 with the deactivation of the last RA-5C squadron, and phasing out of the last of the 156 RA-5/A-3Js produced. Disestablishment of RVAH squadrons began in 1974, with the last Vigilante squadron, RVAH-7, completing its final deployment to the Western Pacific aboard Ranger in late 1979. The final flight by an RA-5C took place on 20 November 1979 when a Vigilante departed NAS Key West. Reconnaissance Attack Wing One was subsequently disestablished at NAS Key West in January 1980.

Thanks Bill, being retired for 48 years you kinda loose track of some of the important things or at least the things you thought were important Thanks again....Norm

Thanks fer the update , Bill

Thanks Pete for your input too, you guys are great......Norm



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