For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

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Until people start getting fired, starting with senior management, nothing is going to change.

This report is a lot of bad news.  Trying to fix something like this would be a monster task.  The amount of push back would be huge.

Fix the problem? Americans never say can't be done, they just push back till it is done.

I have been fighting for over four years and I am not about to give up. See my Discussion regarding the VA. I need your help.

Having over 44 years (after the USN) in the aerospace field (Private sector) dealing with the US Gov't and all US military bases and the time I spent waiting for appointments at VA clinics and hospitals.  I have come to a simple solution for our VA problem. It needs to be Privatized.  It could be accomplished by regions and this would also help purge the system of the "waste" that the Gov't cannot do. Making observations during my trips to the VA facilities I would calculate a 30%+ inefficiency and that's just in the common areas, Lord only knows what it looks like behind the common areas. It is the same when you talk with Vets that wait, wait and wait and get nothing back that makes any real sense and are forced to redo their claims.

I am not bashing the entire VA because they have treated me very good however the stories that I hear are more bad than good. The people that I have dealings with are very good, I am very pro-active and give them whatever they need, completed asap. I will ask for a completion date from them and make note of it with their name. Okay ! I am getting off my soap-box and will go to my Man-cave and chill for awhile... Take care all Mr. Bob  B>) 



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