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Look closely, RVAH-6 605 on the cat ( 156627) Video of flt ops with audio

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Even has the beloved radar buzz. So do all my old tapes!!

At NAS Key West in the Barracks on Boca Chica depending on which side and end of the barracks had a great effect on whether you could listen to your stereo with out the big Air Farce Search Radar blasting in on each sweep of the antenna.

I remember working in the ASB system on the flight deck at night with the chin cowl off and seeing 100's of little sparks jumping off the the safety wire to a ground source.  It would happen each time the ships main radar would sweep by.  The other thing we used to do to see if the ASB radar was transmitting or firing into the dumby load was to hold your had over the feed horn.  What was really supposed to happen would be to climb the boarding ladder up to the back seat and see if the radar was in test or operate, but that took too long.  If your hand started to get warm you knew the radar was firing.  Sort of like putting your hand in a microwave.  So far so good at nearly 70 my hands are still working.....not as well as when I was 21, but still OK.

I used to do that and I kept getting warts on my hands. Stopped doing it and stopped getting warts.


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