For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

Does anyone know if this is real.


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It's TRUE...couple of my Grandkids schools have VETERANS DAY programs..They play the NATIOAL ANTHEM some of the guys not wearing hats will place their right hand over their heart....those of who are "covered wearing hats" will salute ..Thing I want to know is if we salute and not be wearing a hat they gonna throw us in the BRIG....

Don't care either...don't see why it's such an issue

NO.....it is legal

Unless the law has been changed back that''s been the law for 5 years now.

Thanks just a senior moment.

Yes it is true, as you can hear in  the clip, it has been active for a few years now.  I remember a few years back when it started for all legion members in Wisconsin.

I have been doing it for years now...............enjoy!!!!

Good you brought this up , as I 've seen confusion happen at this point !!!



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