For those who served in the RVAH Community, their families, and friends!

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Sad part is...back in the 60s' ALL the automobile plants couldn't keep up with the demands.FORD GM CHRYSLER were running 24/7/365..tthis is when the issue with automobiles causing bad exhaust and the US Government started demanding the auto plants start building vehicles that would pass exhaust emissions....which led to the exhaust systems being able to pass inspections.Then...IF a vehicle DID NOT pass inspection the owner had to take it to a dealer and have specific parts replaced or tickets could be written or even the vehicle could be parked till the exhaust was less poullant.Where older vehicles were involved replacing parts could run into a lot of $$$...basically it was get it fixed or park it

If the vehicle was STILL under WARRANTY...there was no problem...over the warranty and there were a lot of grouchy people used grouchy because I didn't want to get "wrote up for "IMPROPER LANGUAGE "


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